Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin on a website or at your retail store and get settled in fiat. Make your business simple by using smart online banking solutions. Enable agile international payment with your business IBAN.

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Buy and sell crypto with credit cards or wire transfers for various fiat currencies. Get money with a proven legal origin. Access, transfer, and manage your funds with no fuss, on desktop or mobile.

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Accept crypto
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A suite of multi-asset payment solutions based on the needs of modern individuals

All-in-one crypto-fiat payment solutions

Wire transfers & Visa/Mastercard payments

Multiple fiat currency options available

Live in-house support

Bring in more revenue for your business without spending a fortune

Get more everyday sales: accept crypto with no fuss

Turn your smartphone into a full-on POS for Bitcoin payments.

Accept crypto on your web store and get settled in fiat without laying a finger on coins.

Get a business IBAN account for C2B/B2B payments

Earn on exchange

Get more clients

Boost sales by accepting popular cryptocurrencies

Earn on exchange and elegro identity verification

Expend abroad

Enter new markets and expand your potential for profit with a business IBAN account

Eliminate the risks

Eliminate the risks

No chargebacks, fraud, ID theft and volatility

Keep your money at fingertips?

Trade Bitcoin and major altcoins for 37 regular currencies with no prior experience, on your desktop or mobile device. Pay internationally with SEPA/SWIFT/CHAPS/Faster Payments and VISA/Mastercard.

Organize your funds in a way you feel right.

Seamless crypto exchange

Seamless crypto exchange

To help you build seamless cryptocurrency experience, we made multi-asset trading easier than ever

Transfer fiat

Affordable international transfers

Get a virtual account to send money abroad and make deposits with no fuss, fraud risk, and overpayments

Sign contracts

Money of legal origin

We confirm the legal origin of funds you get. Each exchange transaction is fixed by GDPR-friendly contracts.


FinTech solutions developed by elegro are approved to operate in the EU market. They are supported by the following licenses issued in the European Union:

Financial Institution Operating License
Virtual Currency Service Provider

In-house Development

All elegro solutions are developed in-house with no third parties involved.


Our competent support team does without bots, outsourcing, and “canned” responses.